Our Mission: To foster an inclusive departmental computing community of students, staff, and faculty. We seek to recruit, welcome, mentor, and educate a diverse group of Computer Science graduate and undergraduate students, including significant numbers of women and underrepresented minorities. Our goal is to be a diverse department that is representative of our society and that uses computing to societal benefit through technological innovation.

Recent Accomplishments

In recent years, we have made tremendous strides in improving diversity of our department:
  • Quadrupled the percentage of female students since 2007 to 16.7% in 2015
  • Doubled the 2-year average percentage of female CS graduates since 2011 to 10.3%
  • The CS faculty has diversified from 10% female tenure-track professors to 21%
  • Our prominent alumni include:
    • Dr. Lucy Nowell (Computer Scientist and Program Manager in the Office of Advanced Scientific Computing research in the US Department of Energy)
    • Dr. Cherly Seals (Associate Professor of Computer Science and Software Engineering, Auburn University)
    • Dr. Jamika Burge (Director of Assessment Technology Product and Research, Smarter Balanced at UCLA)

Diversity Committee

Margaret Ellis
Assistant Professor of Practice
Email: maellis1@vt.edu
Phone: 540-231-9560
Melanie Darden
Fiscal Technician Senior
Email: mdarden@cs.vt.edu
Phone: 540-231-2068
Aisling Kelliher
Associate Professor
Email: aislingk@vt.edu
Phone: 540-231-0415
Libby G. Bradford
Director of Undergraduate Studies & Student Engagement
Email: bradfolg@vt.edu
Phone: 540-231-3209
Greg Farris
Academic and Career Advisor
Email: gpfarris@vt.edu
Phone: 540-231-4032
Bert Huang
Assistant Professor
Email: bhuang@vt.edu
Phone: 540-231-6772
Scott McCrickard
Associate Professor
Email: dmccrick@vt.edu
Phone: 540-231-6698
Deborah Tatar
Email: dtatar@vt.edu
Phone: 540-231-8457
Wu Feng
Elizabeth and James E. Turner Jr. '56 Faculty Fellowship and Professor
Email: feng@cs.vt.edu
Phone: 540-231-1192