Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing

This conference is designed to bring the research and career interests of women in computing to the forefront.

NCWIT Aspirations Winners

CS Department hosts an annual dinner for all Aspirations winners who are CS majors or first-years at Virginia Tech.

Be the Data Day

At "Be the Data" Day, Virginia Tech students and faculty allow 7th grade girls from southwestern Virginia to explore information visualization by physically moving themselves, and hence the corresponding data points, in the space. With this experience, students can pose hypotheses about the data and further explore and understand it! A birds-eye views of their locations in the room is displayed on the large display above them. Students also explored an animal dataset to learn what variables make some animals good to eat. The student who embodied the rat identified herself between the edible group (lower left) and the non-edible group (upper right).

Association for Women in Computing

The Association for Women in Computing is an international non-profit organization which promotes the advancement of women in technological and computer-oriented professions. It is a professional organization, with members in a variety of fields all over the world. There are also a few chapters world-wide; of these, there are several student chapters, like the one here at Virginia Tech. Students participate in local outreach STEM.

Richard Tapia Celebration of Diversity in Computing Conference

The Tapia Conference is aimed at providing a supportive environment for under-represented groups across the broad range of computing and information technology, from science to business to the arts to infrastructure.

Distinguished Lecture Series

Annual dinner with a female Distinguished Lecturer for CS and ECE female faculty, advisors, the ECE department head, and about 35 female graduate and undergraduate students.

Welcome Back networking meeting for CS and ECE women

Every fall semester we invite female faculty, staff and students from Computer Science and Electrical and Computer Engineer to a dinner to meet and reconnect with one another.

Society of Women Engineers

SWE at VT contributes to the campus, the community, and its members. SWE participates in many service projects aimed at encouraging young women to consider a career in engineering as well as projects that help the environment and the New River Valley community. SWE creates a network of women engineers throughout Virginia Tech and demonstrates the value of diversity on this campus. SWE also offers scholarship, career advice, mentoring, and professional, social, and service opportunities for its members.

CS Squared

Technology is designed to serve people. It helps people communicate, learn, and explore the extent of their creativity. CS Squared is an organization dedicated to empowering the community through computer technology. We build tomorrow's leaders and bridge the digital divide by truly putting our skills to use by helping others. Through serving children and adults throughout the community, our goals of inspiring the young and old about technology is propelled forward. If teaching, serving the community, and gaining valuable skills through service appeals to you, then join CS Squared today. Learn more

New Horizons Graduate Scholars

Bringing students, faculty, and key administrators together by focusing on the university's plan for the New Horizon - creativity, collaboration, and innovation across disciplines - this community honors the contribution that diversity, broadly defined, can bring to discovery. Learn more

Learning Living Communities

Hypatia, the engineering learning community for women, brings together first-year engineering students in a residential environment to provide encouragement and support in their pursuit of a career in engineering. Learn more

Center for the Enhancement of Engineering Diversity

The Center for the Enhancement of Engineering Diversity (CEED) provides encouragement and support to engineering students, focusing on the under-represented population. Virginia Tech students are among the best and brightest--CEED assists them in achieving the excellence. Learn more

Peer Mentoring

CS Mentoring is a peer-to-peer mentoring program that brings together newer and more experienced students. The club is dedicated (but not limited to) the following:
  • Helping those new to CS become more acquainted with the program here at VT
  • Reinforce programming concepts ideally through side projects
  • Divulge our experiences and try to make sure others are off to a strong start
  • Be a guide and direct those who need help to the appropriate resources (TAs, Advisors, Professors etc...)
  • Give students a community service opportunity

CS Ambassadors

CS Ambassadors are dedicated, responsible, proactive students who are enthusiastic about Computer Science at Virginia Tech. This team assists the department with its yearly recruiting efforts. Some of those activities include:
  • Assisting with daily (Monday – Friday) CS Information Sessions
  • Staffing the Computer Science booth during the fall Admissions’ Open House weekends and the spring Engineering Open House
  • Visiting High Schools to talk about Computer Science at Virginia Tech
  • Hosting company representatives during Tech Talks or Company Information Sessions
  • Assisting with CS departmental events throughout the semester
Students are chosen to be CS Ambassadors based on their strong academic and extracurricular qualifications. Students must be an active Computer Science major and have a minimum 3.0 overall and in-major GPA to apply.

Additional Organizations