Students can get a head start as a VA/DC NCWIT High School Aspirations Winner!
Showcase your research and class projects at events such as ICAT day.
Mold your CS education with additional specialities, such as design or business.
Work as an undergraduate teaching assistant, expand your knowledge, experience and relationships.
Computer Science Resources Consortium (CSRC) members contribute their time, talent and treasure to ensure the field of computing hires a diverse and inclusive work force.
Develop software to generate a Hokie avatar in Lane Stadium.
Investigate “Cool Topics” with peers and faculty via the Virginia Tech Undergraduate Research in Computer Science program.
Use Computer Science to further explore other passions, such as music. Undergraduate research can also a part of pursuing a Honors Degree.
Earn a masters or doctorate degree by researching and developing progressive uses of cutting edge technology.
Virginia Tech alumnae give a Women in Industry Panel at our semi-annual CSRC Career Fairs.
We encourage students across the university to explore a minor in CS, our capstone HCI class is a favorite of both CS and Art majors.
Students are recognized for outstanding acheivement in research, academics and service. Read about the 4th Annual Spring Awards Banquet