"Cultivate the next-generation computer scientists to make greater impact"

When I was 9 years old, my mother bought me a book named “Interesting Math”, which includes little puzzles relevant to daily life but requiring creative solutions with simple mathematical knowledge. While thinking deeply on the problems...​

-- Na Meng, Assistant Professor of Computer Science

"Designing with the user in mind"

I first got started in Computer Science in high school when I signed up for a computer graphics class by accident. It was in that class that I learned that I could combine my love of drawing, which I was not the best at, and creating with my desire to use computers. This continued throughout high school where I took web development, programming, game programming, and AP Computer Science. When I came to college, I wanted to gain further knowledge on designing for people outside of Computer Science. Through the honors program here at Tech, which I have been a part of since arriving, I learned about Industrial Design, which became one of my minors along with math, where I have been learning the ins and outs of designing with the user in mind. Computer Science was the perfect choice for me because I get the chance to design, create, and build an application or function and watch someone use it in everyday life.

-- Victoria Hairston

...showing girls about the basics of electrical circuits with homemade play dough..."

At school I loved math and solving problems, after I got my undergraduate Computer Science degree at ESPOL, a polytechnic university in Ecuador, I was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship and obtained a masters degree at Florida State University. Computer Science has always inspired me and after my masters I had the opportunity to teach at ESPOL which brought me here to VT to obtain my PhD. I'll go back to Ecuador and teach because it's what I love.

-- Vanessa Cedeno

"...finding the simplest, most concise solution to complex problems..."

I first became interested in Computer Science after taking a few classes on programming in high school. As a freshman, I was nervous about taking a 2000 level CS course, but the professor and TA's were very helpful in explaining complex concepts behind both projects and homework. Understanding how the code behind these projects works makes completion of the final product more rewarding. I enjoy computer science because it involves finding the simplest, most concise solution to complex problems. Outside of the classroom, I am also on the Virginia Tech wrestling team; I can often find parallels between the hard work involved in both wrestling and computer science.

-- Brooks Wilding

"I love CS because it allows me to be creative while satisfying my desire to solve problems"

I love CS because it allows me to be creative while satisfying my desire to solve problems. I have always been the tech-savvy person in my family, and I was able to define that passion as an interest in CS when I first took a CS course my freshman year of high school. I then continued to explore through a variety of tech courses throughout my high school career from Artificial Intelligence to Mobile and Web Application Development. I am going to be interning for Microsoft this summer in Seattle, as a part of their Explore Microsoft program, thanks to connections I made at Virginia Tech's Computer Science career fair. At Virginia Tech, I am involved with Hackers at VT and Programming Club, as well as Explore Mentoring, which pairs women with other women mentors in CS, ECE, and CE.

-- Taylor Quinn